Hey there Wabash, how’s it goin?  I’m just fine, thanks for asking.

I want to talk about something that all freshmen have in common: EQ.  More specifically, I want to talk about a reading we all had to do for last Friday, “Facing the Animal You See in the Mirror”, a lecture by Christine M. Korsgaard.  Before I read it I had no idea what it would be about, but as I continued on I was elated that the rest of my freshman class would be reading it as well.  In my opinion, this was a wonderful reading that most (if not all) of the freshmen would not have read if not for the graded discussions we were to have on it in our individual classes.

The points Korsgaard raises in the lecture question what the fundamental difference is between humans and non-human animal.  It also beckons the reader to wonder why most people believe it is okay to torture and slaughter “conscious beings, who experience pleasure and pain, fear and hunger, joy and grief, attachments to particular others, curiosity, fun and play, satisfaction and frustration, and the enjoyment of life,” but not other humans (Korsgaard pg. 3).  In my EQ, Prof. Hardy split us off into three groups and had us discuss/debate these points.  Needless to say, my group had some pretty intense and exhausting arguments (although we kept our composure and remained civil throughout).

I think it’s great to have class periods like this where one can really dig into a topic and exercise the skills of debate and respectful listening; these are things we all need on a day-to-day basis.  Insert shameless Wabash plug here.

In a relating story, the Animal Rights Club has had its budget approved and we are now officially a club!  If the title itself does not give you an accurate enough idea of what we will stand for, it is a club for those who wish to advocate the well-being of all creatures, human and non-human and promote peaceful alternative lifestyles and critical thinking on a global issue.  We hope for the members to engage the Wabash and Crawfordsville community about the issue of animal use, abuse, and extortion and do so in a constructive and informative manner beneficial to all.  If you have any further interest about how we plan on doing this or wish to get involved, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail (jeweisen16@wabash.edu).  End shameless ARC plug.


For the animals,


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