A Wee Bit O’ The Chill

Hello Again! It’s been another studious day here today. Lots of work and research and otherwise interesting things have been going on. The semester is picking up steam, but it isn’t warming up the campus much.

It’s been a bit nippy here lately. M’bones have been aching a tad. However, the snow is nice. Especially when I can look out my window and see its beauty, realizing that I don’t have to go out in it. That’s a major plus. Also, it would seem as if the squirrels have gone into hibernation at this point. Our usual brigade of furry folk have turned tail and retreated into the very Earth for the most part. They await the coming of warmth, as do we all.

Another interesting occurrence involves my tadpoles in my biology lab. I arrived this afternoon hoping to perform an amazing observance of animal development, and my tadpoles were gone! All of the class’s embryos were gone! I have no idea what happened. I am slightly perturbed about this. I was hoping to observe the awesome wonders of animal development, and I also have a lab report to do on these where those observations were crucial. The data I have collected so far show no significant change at all. My lab report at this point will be a one page deal. This is not good. I suppose I will have to speak to the professor in the hopes of figuring out what to do.

Well, I have studying to do my friends. I have a bio exam creeping up upon me eerily waiting to strike on Monday. I must be off.  Have a wonderful night my friends. We will talk soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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