Miracle on Martindale Street

Dear Wabash Reader,

“Miracle” is the movie that played tonight in the Vanity Theatre of downtown Crawfordsville. While I considered attending, I eventually decided to spend the evening watching bits and pieces of shows such as “Last Man Standing,” “Malibu Country,” “Batman Begins,” and of course, “Duck Dynasty.”

If you think watching “Duck Dynasty” is unusual, then being called a squirrel may take the cake. As I was walking out from Sparks today, I came across one of the International Teacher’s Aides that I know. After telling the young lady that seeing her was like a “ray of sunshine,” she coolly looked me in the eye and told me I looked like a squirrel. Safe to say I’ve had better days!

Daniel Craig skates to Martindale after dinner

I am excited to see the tennis team compete at the Collet Tennis Center (here) tomorrow at 9 am sharp. I especially want to see tennis doubles pair Daniel Delgado and Mark Troiano play against Augustana. The Wabash Track Team will also be competing tomorrow as we travel to the University of Indianapolis at noon.

I will probably get home late tomorrow night to hopefully hear good news from the basketball game between Wabash and Wooster. And same for IU!



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