The Windy White and Crimson

Greetings my friends! Winter has come upon us with a vengeance. Cold winds, enough snow to slip on, and an aching m’bones that just won’t dissipate seem to be my constant companions. It’s a strange thing to say, but I love the winter even though it can be a pain. Literally.

The winter is especially beautiful on campus. It seems to change the face of the place. It turns it from a more open-ended and bright campus into a slightly more mysterious hideaway type place. The snow turning everything white and the way that the wind flows through the campus seem to turn it into something from either a mystery novel or a horror film. It’s really interesting to see.

Also, all of the people pick up the pace too. Everyone wants to get out of the cold, but the constant movement of students seems to really emphasize the studious environment of the campus. It’s interesting. Everyone is hustling to class double time and you can see that thoughts are on their minds beside how long it would take to become a human Popsicle in this weather.

Then, at night, the campus turns into something from a 50’s movie. It’s something where the beauty is inherent, but you wonder what hides in the shadows. You almost wait for Boo Radley to come out of the shadows in a coat and scarf and ask where you’re going. It’s a friendly type of mystery. It almost adds a layer to the college. It makes it seem like a secret is hiding right under your nose.

After being out in the night air already tonight, I am in my nice warm dorm and about to settle in for a long sleep. In fact, I believe I hear my bed calling me right now. I think I will answer it. Have a wonderful night my friends. I shall talk to you later. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.


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