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Dr. Laura Wysocki, Chemistry Professor at Wabash College, could easily be the poster child for a Lipitor commercial. She has fought successfully against Fibromyalgia from a tender age that left her unable to play sports and incapable of standing for over ten minutes at a time. Wysocki opened up about her struggle with this crippling disease during Chapel Talk today as she discussed what the slogan “Wabash Always Fights” means to her.

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As a child, Dr. Wysocki had to listen to middle aged women complain that Fibromyalgia had taken their husbands, jobs, and dreams. She promised herself she would never let her disability prevent her from accomplish her dream of becoming a teacher. And she did not.

Dr. Wysocki graduated from Northwestern with great honor and earned her doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But along the way, she learned an important lesson. While accomplishing her childhood dream was always her priority, she realized she was hurting herself by living with Fibromyalgia, rather than fighting it.

Since then, Dr. Wysocki exercises five days a week and it is nearly impossible to tell that she suffers from any kind of impairment.

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The moral of her story is not just to inspire you to fight for what you love, but challenge Wabash to practice compassion for others who have similarly hidden challenges that make it difficult for them to accomplish their goals.

As I sat listening to Dr. Wysocki I could not help but take her challenge to heart. Of the many reasons Wysocki chose Wabash, the desire to continue her research, the opportunity to teach competitive students, and the chance to challenge herself, the most important is the community environment that says Wabash Always Fights Together. And always, she says, means always.



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