Wabash Always Fights

Dear Wabash Reader,

Here’s a classic Wabash evening, when one third of the school body are packed into a small student section cheering for every basketball point scored for and booing every point scored against. When you can’t help but laugh along with the crowd at the hilarious antics of the Rhines during their halftime rendition of Ray Lewis’s pre-game dance. When the student section chants “Wabash Always Fights” led by an alumnus from across Chadwick Court.

A moving portrayal of Ray Lewis’s pre-game dance by the Rhines

If you see any one of these things, you might think you are at Wabash College. But you know you are at Wabash College for sure when you see DePauw students walking with dejected faces after a 52-48 loss.

Tonight our basketball team was at their best in their stellar performance to tame the tigers of Greencastle. I made my way to watch the game only to see Wabash already down 14-4. But to see our team fight back and beat DePauw was a great way to lift the spirits of the students in attendance and for President and First Lady White who were in attendance.

A rain shower on my way to Lilly Library

I was in a good mood because earlier that day our Student Senate successfully passed what has been a very eventful budget for this semester. As the Senate is undergoing many structural changes in how the order of business is conducted, it was a relief to see that the Audit and Finance Committee (AFC) was able to pass a budget that reflected the diversity of clubs and academic organizations in this institution.

Tonight ended with a rousing meeting for the Wabash Christian Men, as fellow student Tony Couch gave his message on the topic love. But if there is one thing I don’t love, it is the forecast for tomorrow, as the temperature is expected to drop as low as 2 degrees. It looks like I will probably have to crank the heater back up as I prepare to keep warm during another blustery night.



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