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Dear Wabash Reader,

It’s a very nice day at Wabash College, with the cool, fresh breeze bringing by some fresh air and inclement weather. Fortunately the threat of severe weather seems to have passed us by. Today, the Student Senate was in session and devoted the meeting to talking about the budget for this next school year. As a new representative, I had the opportunity to hear from clubs ranging from the Wabash Society for the Furthering of the Liberal Arts (WSFLA) to the lacrosse club. Although the bill was not passed last night, it should be finalized as a part of the budget when voted on and approved by 6:00 pm tomorrow evening.

As much fun as I had at the Senate meeting, I had greater enjoyment in attending the callout meeting for the Wabash Review. This magazine is the compilation of Wabash works throughout the year, which primarily includes fiction stories and student poetry.

Student Senate written Constitution makes for some light reading

Tomorrow brings Kenyon to take on our basketball team in what promises to be another tough conference matchup. At half time of the game Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teak) will host a competition between Dr. Abbott and Dr. Novak, who will be competing for their respective charities. The goal is to raise $2,013 for the competition, with the winner of the two taking 60% for the charitable organization he supports. Look forward to seeing you there!



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