The Same Ring

Dear Wabash Reader,

The hushed whispers and closed door meeting are finally over. For every non-senior student here at Wabash, the ringing in ceremony will be conducted by a new president. The Caleb Mills Bell will have the same ring, but the ringing of the bell will be under different circumstances. Our new president, Dr. Gregory Hess, has been selected and officially announced.

Fog rests over Wabash on my way to the Armory

I am very excited about our new candidate. I had the privilege of having breakfast with Dr. Hess and attending his public forum, along with that of the other three candidates. But with Dr. Hess I sensed a difference from the other candidates. During the public forum in which he was asked questions about Wabash tuition and retention rate, he was very open and honest throughout the entire process. I thought to myself that this is the kind of person I want leading Wabash College. With his selection, I feel Wabash has taken yet another positive step in its pursuit to evolving with the changing face of the liberal arts education.

To add to what has been a fantastic weekend, our track and field team won at Rose-Hulman, with numerous individuals running their best times. Ronnie Posthauer reset the school record in the 60 hurdles and is currently ranked 4th in the nation, while Jacob “J-dove” Waterman has run a season best time in the 800 for the 2nd fastest time in the nation. I feel very happy and fortunate to be a part of such a devoted track team with great guys focused on becoming better athletes.

Sculpture of Rose-Hulman’s “Self-Made Man” at the entrance of their Sports and Recreation Center

My weekend was made complete by Butler basketball reclaiming the #1 rank in the A-10, as well as remaining #9 overall in the nation. With this kind of success, we may be looking at yet another incredible season for the team that does not know how to lose easily. Indiana basketball continues its success with IU’s return to top 5 in the nation (#3) and #2 standing in the toughest basketball conference.

For all these reasons, and more, I had a fantastic weekend, and am looking forward to a new school week.



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