Away we Go

Hola mis amigos! It would seem that I have been kidnapped by family. That’s right. I have been stolen from the great confines of Wabash and taken into the wild for the weekend. Do not despair. I am alright. In fact, I am having a great time.

After a busy Friday at Wabash, the last thing on my mind at the time was that I would be taken away on short notice by family. Primarily amongst my thoughts were that I would be going directly to bed considering I had to wake up in the very early morning to check out a lab which had run overnight. I was pleasantly surprised to find that sleep was not in the cards.

Instead I was absconded with and taken for the long car ride back home. During said car ride, strange music was played, interesting conversations occurred, and I didn’t fear for my life once. All in all, it was a pleasant drive. We arrived at our destination in one piece, and I’ve had a great time ever since.

Being that it is Saturday night, I will be returning tomorrow to my home away from home. Although I do love Wabash, I must say that I enjoy being back home as well. It’s refreshing to see that nothing has changed and everyone still acts the same. No aliens have landed. No major wars have broken out. All is well. Everybody is hunky dory.

Well, it being late, and I, being a sleep deprived college student, am very tired. I suppose I shall talk to you all later in the week. So, have a great Sunday my friends, and a pleasant week. We shall talk soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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