Day of Excellence

Dear Wabash Reader,

By all accounts today has been a very excellent day, and according to Dr. Wetzel’s challenge during Chapel Talk, achieved with no minimal amount of disturbance. Today started with a lightly sprinkled pathway of snow on my trip to Sparks Hall for breakfast. Not only was I limited to one class on the day due to the student research presentations, but I had time to watch ESPN and take a short nap in preparation for my Celebrate Excellence presentation on the Founding Fathers.

Morning snow settles nicely on campus

Following track practice today I also had the privilege to dine with NAWM President Greg Castanias, Board of Trustee member David Lewis, and distinguished member Mr. Toto at the L.E.A.D. Dinner. My subsequent conversation with other members of our board was a great opportunity for me to get to know what other successful alumni do in order to achieve the success they have had.

The day’s success continues with the discovery that Tiger Woods is leading in Torrey Pines. This coupled with the fact that I am hanging out with Korbin West, Cameron Dennis, and a sleeping Tom Blaiche on the second floor of Martindale Hall. And it is times with friends like these that are, in all honestly, the most excellent of all. Tomorrow I head to Rose Hulman for a track meet, and will probably get back late tomorrow night for a Sparks dinner. Have a great weekend and prepare for the third week back at Wabash.



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