Hello again. It seems that biology has decided to truly kick in this semester. In fact, I believe it will soon consume a great deal of my time. I must say that I am quite happy about this. The next couple upcoming labs and assignments look to be fantastic. Allow me to explain.

Whereas labs last semester generally ended early, this semester, every lab goes to or beyond the allotted amount of time. Case in point, today’s lab. My partners and I were in the lab area at least 30 minutes over time simply comparing and sharing notes in order to complete a section of our notebook. I find this thrilling. I aim to do this with my life, and to have the opportunity to do it now is thrilling. On top of this, we have to go back to the lab tomorrow morning before class to collect data. All of this is exciting to me.

Also, the next lab we are going to perform will be a developmental lab using frog embryos. It will involve mutations as well. I think this is so cool! Especially since the lab time extends out of the bounds of established lab hours. Basically, I and my colleagues have to get together outside of the normal time to observe and record data and everything else. I realize I am sounding quite geeky and nerdy, but you know what, I am both a geek and a nerd, as well as darn proud of it.

Finally, I have developed a new way of attacking studying. Last semester I did struggle a bit with studying, so I have adapted. Now I can recall info at a whim and almost always be correct. I have practically memorized my notes. I am so happy! I’m finally getting to feel what a life as a scientist feels like. This is great for me. I can’t wait to be doing this for a career.

So, I have been quite busy, and it only promises to get more intriguing as time goes on. I am quite glad to have the opportunities for lab experience that Wabash offers, and I am sure that I will have fun and revel in the wonders of biology for years to come. In fact, I have preparation to do for tomorrow’s class, so I must be off. Enjoy your night my friends. We shall talk more soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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