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Dear Wabash Reader,

I am a little down today after Wabash’s tough loss against nationally ranked Ohio Wesleyan University. This initial blow was followed by a double jab to the gut as I got back to realize that my Butler Bulldogs lost in a close game to La Salle. My rehabilitation is bound to be slow, but I am told I should make a full recovery.

Fortunately the difficulties of this evening’s basketball games were compensated by our Enduring Questions Dinner with biology professor Dr. Anne Bost.

EQ professor Anne Bost (foreground) and classmates chat after dinner

We met at her home to discuss how the year has been, and our expectations for tutorial. I learned even more about my classmates from the discussions we had, from one individual’s dream to be a General Manager to the family dynamic that led a student to choose Wabash. I can see that EQ is yet another step Wabash has taken to provide a fun, close classroom experience for the freshman year.

Tomorrow will feature our second chapel speaker of the year, Dr. Eric Wetzel, who is an Associate Professor of Biology on campus. Something tells me that his talk, “Disturbance and the Wabash Ecosystem” should not only be entertaining, but an insightful dialogue coming from someone teaching at Wabash for over 15 years. My goal for tomorrow is to put the Butler game behind me and pay close attention to the talk.



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