EQ to EC

Dear Wabash Reader,

I wish I could say that I have gotten over the cold and that my running regimen has taught me to ignore the penetrating feeling of wind rushing through my clothes. But the closer the temperature gets to 0 degrees Celsius, the more the more apparent my discomfiture becomes.

As I am finishing up the reading assignment in Gilgamesh for Enduring Questions (EQ), I find myself asking deep and penetrating questions. I find myself wondering which is more enduring, a poem over hundreds of years old, or the cold weather, which I have come to dub EC. I wonder what I can learn from a seemingly pointless, dusty old book that can apply to me in the 21st century. I also ask if it is true that gods mate with humans to form mythical, superhuman beings. But I am sure there are more important questions, such as the meaning of friendship, courage, and redemption; all greater themes in this book that my EQ will discuss in class tomorrow.

Little Giant Invitational Track Meet (Although I run outside for track practice, I do not feel like I am building any resistance to the cold!)

Today was the first Senate meeting, in which I joined Patrick Bryant, Carl Sonnefeld, Adam Alexander, and Tyrone Evans in bringing in the 96th convocation at Wabash College.

What struck me the most about the meeting was the distinct formality of the events and the realization that I will be a part of important decisions as a representative of my class. I am looking forward to the year and I look forward to hearing from other students what areas Wabash can improve upon.



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