The Weekly Update

Did anyone else walk outside today and experience the sensation that your nose was freezing from the inside out? Me too. Layers on layers on layers is a pretty good strategy at this point. Frigid weather aside, I can’t believe we’ve only been back at Wabash for a week. It seems like forever. Is that a bad thing? Nah. My schedule is already starting to get packed again, between call-out meetings, meetings with professors, track practices, dinners, and IM Basketball starting up, not to mention homework! This past week alone held a lot of excitement on our little campus.

Friday night was pretty relaxing, and a mixed group of track athletes, Phi Delts, and Cole Hall GDI’s went out to see “Space Jam” at the Vanity Theatre in downtown Crawfordsville. It was, as always, a great movie, and even better it was free. Keep an eye out for more free movies this semester!

It was a big weekend for the track team, which hosted its first home meet of the season. Everyone did pretty well, but there’s definitely room for improvement! The track team really shined the next day, when about 15 guys from the team spent the afternoon working with the Montgomery County Special Olympics, practicing basketball drills and pick-up games with the athletes. It was a great time for team bonding, and everyone had a good time.

I even got to spend some quality time with my sister, Mandy, as she spent her three day weekend from Ball State here, watching the track meet, hanging out with my fraternity brothers, and spending time with her significant other. We even took a group of Phi Delts and company to Cracker Barrel Sunday morning, which was a blast.

As you can tell, my schedule has not slowed down with the start of a new semester, so wish me luck as I try to juggle it all!



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