The Search is Ending

Dear Wabash Reader,

It has been one bustling first week at Wabash. Presidential candidates, new classes, meetings, and of course, track practices. This weekend will be the first home meet for the track team, so as you can imagine, preparation is at a peak as athletes prepare to make their first performances. Tomorrow I will be up and running for an early morning ran to allow 24 hours before Saturday’s competition. Tomorrow will also be the welcoming of the third and final presidential candidate.

Squirrel parked in a trash can outside the athletic center

The chapel was filled with an unusual amount of students and faculty today during chapel talk as they came to listen to the second of three presidential candidates.

Kevin Clifford, Chairman of the presidential search committee, opened the talk by thanking students for their participation in the search and introducing our speaker. Our candidate spoke during Chapel Talk about what he perceived Wabash could benefit under his leadership. Tomorrow our next speaker will give his public presentation at 7:30 pm.

You can submit your online evaluation on the Presidential search webpage to assist the search committee in making their decision. Continue to take party in this important search for our new president, and have a great Friday!



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