One Week In

Hello my friends. It has been a fantastic day. I have completed my first full day of my second semester of college, and I am in a great mood. Everything is going very smoothly. My roommate and I get along quite well, and life is just peachy.

After my first week back here, I realize I have changed a lot since the first week of first semester. I’m much more confident being alone. I can survive and enjoy myself quite well on my own. In fact, I have thrived.  My classes are easier this semester. My schedule seems much more fluid. Everything is going extremely well.

I’m quite thankful to be in my second semester here. I’m learning a great deal and having a ball doing it. I’ve made great friends this semester, and maintained friends from last semester. I’m eager to see what my classes have to offer, and I’m really optimistic. I’m always optimistic mind you, but I finally feel as if I’m entrenched here. I’m dedicated to being here now, and that is a great feeling to have.

The professors, staff, and everyone else here have made me feel really comfortable. Initially, I was afraid that I would be alone here. I knew I would have a great time academically, but I expected it to take some time to be completely comfortable. All of those fears were dashed after my first week here last semester, and they have only been pushed farther away since.

Well my friends, I have much to do. It is Friday. I have most of my work done, and I believe that it is now time to relax a bit. I will be sure to talk to you all later. I hope you have a great weekend, and I shall talk to you all soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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