Don’t Stop the Party!

Dear Wabash Reader,

I know Pitbull may not be the first person you think of as a source of inspiration, but that’s what the Wabash basketball team heard as they exited to the locker room. Dancing during the halftime performance was a local dance/cheer team that I can only describe as a code-red musical group dancing to Pitbull’s song “Don’t Stop the Party.” Most certainly the basketball team do not want the party to end, as they hold a 29-24 lead over conference rival Wittenberg Tigers.

Wabash basketball take on Wittenberg Wednesday night in Chadwick Court

Tomorrow is Thursday and marks the beginning of Chapel Talk for the year. Our special speaker and guest will be our second Presidential candidate. He and his wife make their appearance to the student body as he will outline his vision for the future Wabash has in store.

Today I had the opportunity to produce my own “self-portait” of myself for my Enduring Questions (EQ) class. EQ is a class all freshman take in the spring. The purpose of the assignment is to allow each person to create or collect items that show a distinct side of himself.

“Code Red” dancing performance at half-time

The trick to this assignment is that no actual self-images could be used, rather one must rely on finding characteristics that describe them. It was interesting to sit and listen to other students give their opinion of what I was trying to say in my self-portrait, as well as to give my insight on what I believed someone was trying to say in their portrait. Over all it was a great assignment, and it makes me wonder what other thought-provoking questions will be researched as a part of this class.

It was another cool day, but fortunately not as cold as the past few days. Hopefully I will see you at the Chapel Talk tomorrow as we continue the process of selecting our new president, but in the meantime, “don’t stop the party!”



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