Ice, Ice

Dear Wabash Reader,

The past two days in Indiana have been absolutely freezing, and here on 300 W. Wabash Avenue it has been no different. By midday the temperature felt as low as 15 degrees, but by night, it was surprisingly warmer as the temperature rose to 25. This is true Indiana weather, warm one week, and bitterly cold the next.

Tomorrow Wabash has the pleasure of welcoming the next presidential candidate. He will be on campus over the next couple days and will be introduced to the student body during the 11:15 am Chapel Talk this Thursday.

Daniel attempts to unlock his car door by melting the ice through unconventional means

Tonight I am enjoying a special evening with fellow roommates as we are cheer on IU to not their first, but second loss of the year. This time to Wisconsin. Almost dims the great camaraderie of the moment, but not quite. Hoping today will be brighter, and warmer.



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