For the third time, now, I come to you from my sister’s dorm room at Ball State University. The Cardinals went back to school this week (further emphasizing how awesome Wabash is), and I’m here to help my twin get back into the swing of things. Now normally, she wouldn’t really need my help, but after last Saturday, well, things just haven’t been the same. Oh. An explanation you say? Fine. It’s story time.


By Nathan Bode

Once Upon A Time, there were two twins, a boy and a girl, named Nathan and Mandy. Nathan was devilishly handsome, and a blogger at the best college in all the land. The other, Mandy, was…meh, alright, but she had a boyfriend, so hey, who’s complaining? This boyfriend, Sir Sean, also went to the best college in all the land, so it was pretty much a win-win situation for everyone.

Sir Nathan (Far Left) and Mandy (Red sweater vest)

One day, the twins decided to travel to Sean’s kingdom, a land far to the North. This land was called “Huntington.” Mandy and Nathan thought that their kingdom of “Greenfield” was the boonies. But compared to Huntington, Greenfield was a bustling metropolis. Once they arrived in Huntington, the twins participated in a great competition put on by Sir Sean, a competition of speed, will, and stomach strength, called the “Egg Nog Mile.” Dressed in their finest holiday garb, warriors from all over the

Too much eggnog for me.

land showed up to compete. Before each of four laps in the one-mile race, each runner would have to first drink 9 ounces of Egg Nog as fast as they could. After the mile, 12 more warriors competed in a final lap, and final cup of nog, in the Egg Nog 4×4. Many fought bravely. 45 ounces of egg nog later, some puked. Sir Nathan won the “Puke Award” for the day. Overall, it was a grand day of celebration in Huntington.

After the race, Sir Sean, Mandy, and Sir Nathan all went sledding on the biggest hill in the land. It was a pretty rad time. UNTIL SUDDENLY. Mandy crashed her sled, plowed her face into the ground, got a black eye, and hurt her back. Oops.

So when Mandy headed back to the kingdom of Ball State on Monday, her trusty pals Nathan and Sean helped her move back in, in her injured state. And Sir Nathan has been there ever since, hanging out with his twin sister, Alex, and Cassandra.

Soon, however, Sir Nathan will travel back to his beloved home of Phi Delta Theta, to eat, drink, and enjoy the merriment of time with his long lost brothers.



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