A Letter to Shonda Rhimes

Dear Mrs. (Ms.? Miss? Oh, formalities) Rhimes,

Shonda Rhimes. My hero.

You’re wonderful. Can I say that? I will. As the creator of America’s favorite medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, I must say that you are a creative genius. I’m probably the biggest fan of Grey’s you’ll ever meet.  I’m almost 100% sure you’ve heard that a million times before, but I am the be all end all Grey’s fan- don’t let Jacob Burnett ’15 convince you otherwise.

If you made posters of Dr. Cristina Yang, I would hang them on my walls at Wabash. Not because I have an obsession with Sandra Oh, no, but because I aspire to become a cardiothoracic surgeon as brilliant, dedicated, and skilled as her character.

Dr. Cristina Yang. The heart surgeon I’d like to be. If she were real. Am I rambling?

“But why not aspire to be a Dr. Preston Burke?” some might ask. Well, as talented as Isaiah Washington’s character was, the slur he used in reference to a personal aspect of T.R. Knight’s personal life (Dr. George O’Malley) has dissuaded me from wanting to be like him, or his character. For shame.

Anyway, you’re a genius. Even though you wrote in Callie Torres, who was crazy from the start. I didn’t really like her character, although she sort of mellowed out in season 5. Dr. Dixon, the autistic heart surgeon, was a hoot, even though she didn’t get picked up. And the personal tragedies and triumphs of Meredith Grey, the star of the show, make for a true medical drama. Dr. Hahn was a great surgeon, but we all know what happened to her! HA!

And what about everybody’s favorite General surgeon, Chief Webber! That man can operate. He keeps Seattle Grace Mercy West together, and running smoothly. Too bad they had to merge. Oh well.

Anyway, Mrs. Rhimes, thank you for Grey’s. Your sheer brilliance has given me something to do over winter break (Netflix old episodes) and every Thursdau at 9/8Central since 2005. I look forward to the rest of season 9.

In televisical appreciation,

Ian Artis

President and Founder, Grey’s Anatomy Fan Club

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