Hold on to your Resolutions

Dear blog readers,

2013 is, obviously, a new year. New Years come with the same corny resolutions and promises:

New Year, new me!”

“I’m going to lose weight this year!”

“2012 is in the past- everything will be different this time!”

Resolutions are good, yes, but all too often they fall through. People revert back to their old ways, the target weight seems to slip away, and things in the new year start to slip apart again. This year, don’t let it happen!

Fight harder. Make yourself accountable to the resolutions you’ve made. Make a pact with a close friend and keep yourself grounded. Nothing worth having comes easy, so make sure you want it bad enough to battle it out with will power, weakness, etc. to make sure you have it.

In keeping resolutions,

Ian Artis

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