First Semester as a Wabash Freshman: A Survey

Dear blog purveyors,

Over the break, I’ve had time to reflect and ponder those deep pondering thoughts about my life at the College. So far, I’ve come up with this.

It’s hard.

More than just academically. College isn’t a quick-fix to run away from problems, or the people in high school you didn’t like tat caused those problems. They’re here. They’re there. They’re everywhere. Go ahead and deal with it now. But the good side of this is that there are plenty of people here at the College who aren’t meatheads. A great hefty deal of non-meatheaded genuinely good guys that will restore your faith in the good of humanity. Or at least, make you realize why we are on Loren Pope’s list of 40 Colleges that Change Lives. Surround yourself with these people- they live at my fratcastle (RUSH KAPPA SIG!) and are all over campus. Find them and hang out with them. They’ll get you through the tough times.

You’ll be well taken care of.

If you make your needs known, they will be taken care of. Allow yourself to open up and tell someone what you need. In the Greek system, this is a given. Your brothers will always have your back no matter what, like when my super twisted possibly fractured ankle needed medical attention, I had someone who cared enough, 4 people actually, to take care of me. In independent life, your living unit will have your back as well. My trip to England was paid by an alum- I have connections through Kappa Sig alums as well. And if I need homework help, or someone to talk to, I have the Malcolm X Institute to lean on. These, among many other programs like the Peer Mentoring Program, are in place to help you. Just let them know you’re here.

You won’t regret it.

If you make the choice to come here, you won’t regret it. When the Harvard of the Midwest extends to you an invitation to join our brotherhood, you take it! It’s a work hard, play hard, love your brother kind of place and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Have you applied?


Just some musings from a first semester freshman. Still more to come!

In Clay, Alabama,



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