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Howdy everybody.  I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying their time off as well as their holiday festivities; I definitely am and definitely did.  Santy Claus was very kind to me this year in the form of a brand new, sunburst Fender mandolin and a Shure PGXD14-XD wireless system for my guitar, allowing me complete mobility on stage and freedom from the oppression and tangling of instrument cables.  Sweetness.

My delectable raisin walnut cookies, made with no animal products.

On a side note, I am appalled by both Dominic’s and Food 4 Less’s lack of milk-free chocolate chips (not even a dark chocolate!).  I was trying to make vegan chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate chips were the only ingredient I didn’t have, so instead I used raisins and chopped walnuts.  I’m not complaining about the cookies—they’re delicious (especially with a glass of almond milk)—but chocolate chip would’ve been nice too.

Me mandolin. =]

But enough about food (Christmas dinner with the family kind of disgusted me and we’ll leave it at that), in a few days I’ll be off to Wisconsin to snowboard my little heart out.  I’m looking forward to this so much and hopefully I’ll be able to blog about it while I’m there.  If I don’t get that chance, I’ll talk to you guys after the New Year!


Until then,


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My name is Joseph Edward Weisenritter. I'm from the southside of Chicago, I have two sisters, two dogs, and two loving parents. If you asked me to describe myself I'd say "music". I like birds. Also, I like to write.
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