Adventures from CALIFORNIA

Dear Readers,

Sooooo, I’ve recently looked at the blog site and once again I’ve noticed that many other blogs have been entered since my last one. Whoopsies. I understand I’m pretty bad about being a regular, maybe I’m just an irregular gent. So, let’s embrace the irregularity, tis the season! And I’d love to let you guys and gals in on all of my extraordinary adventures since Wabash has let out for semesters’s end.

Earlier in the year, my roommate Jordan asked if I would be interested in going to LA with him over break. He had a cabin at Big Bear and needed a someone to help him shred the gnar and slay the mountain. Jordan had also been bragging about how much better California was than Indiana for most of the year and I wanted to see for myself. So on Tuesday, December the 18th I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and headed to the airport. Tired and groggy, I checked in at the Frontier Airlines gate, except there was a problem; my flight was not until Wednesday. So, I sat there, stranded and feeling like a moron. I called my dad, which is never a good idea when I’ve done something stupid, and informed him of my idiotic mistake and many F-bombs were dropped. After being dropped off at the departure gate an hour earlier, I was waiting for my father at the arrival section, I was arriving into the world of silent treatment punishment. If there’s anything worse than being the moron who wakes up at 4:30 in the morning for a flight that’s not until the next day, it’s being the father/driver of that moron.

Wednesday finally came, and with it, another moronic blunder. I managed to lose my phone, and had no way of communicating with Jordan half way across the country, who would need some way of knowing when and where I would be landing. My mother had the kindness in her heart to lend me her phone for the trip, not that she ever answered it anyways; nonetheless, it was greatly appreciated.

When you fall asleep on a plane that transports you into a different time zone, I’d like to think you’ve time-traveled. And time-travel I did. When I woke up I was in a tropical land, with palm trees, warm sunshine, and churros–the Mexican doughnut. Jordan picked me up and took me on a tour of the enchanted new land. We went to San Pedro’s fish market and ate shrimp and catfish. When we ordered a shrimp plate, the lady asked us if we wanted a pitcher of coke or a pitcher of beer, and having just completed a first semester at Wabash and being a 1/8 of the gentleman I will become I decided beer was in order. Upon finishing, I decided California was a pretty neat place. It only got neater as the day went on: I got to see the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica Pier, count the stars on the streets of Hollywood, and watch homeless people fight over a broken vase in the middle of the street. Tune in next blog post for more on my adventures in California.

Love you all,


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I am a freshman at Wabash College. I have 1 mom and 1 dad, 1 brother, and 4 dogs. I enjoy football, snowboarding, talking to men and/or women. Ray Charles is my favorite musician but I enjoy all things groovy. Happiness is a matter of fresh the coffee is and how pleated my slacks are. I am a twit @Cmoneytangmasta
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