A Year in Review for a Wabash Freshman

It’s that time of year again, when we all have to get used to writing ‘2013’ on everything, and we start the countdown to Christmas again. Now that Christmas has come and gone (officially gone now that our tree is back in the barn), it’s time to look ahead towards a new year and a new semester at Wabash. So before diving headfirst into 2013, I thought I’d spend a blog giving 2012 a proper send-off.

In 2012, I experienced many firsts, some bloggable, some not. Some of those firsts were good, including the start of my first real job at Kroger. Along with that came my first paycheck. Also great. I also graduated, and for the first time, realized I wasn’t a Mt. Vernon Marauder anymore (though I always will be in my heart). I dated, broke up, dated, and broke up in 2012, which could be interpreted either way. In 2012, I even lived on my own for the first time. I said good-bye to many friends, but made so many new friends in 2012 as well, too many to mention in a blog.

For me, 2012 could be summed up in one word, really: “Wabash.” Commitment to Wabash, visiting Wabash, getting my bid to Phi Delt at Wabash, competing for the Lilly at Wabash, preparing for Wabash, living at Wabash, running at Wabash, and now, finally, really LIVING at Wabash. 2012 at Wabash could be described in two words fairly accurately, those words being “Pledgeship” and “Cross Country.” In 2012, I learned more about myself through pledgeship at Phi Delta Theta than I thought was possible, and met my best friends who I am now proud to call my brothers. At the same time, I met an entirely new family of brothers in the Redpack. 2012 was a great year for friends (at least the last half.)

Potentially the most significant first of 2012 came toward the end, when for the first time, I found myself, as did many others, saying a final good-bye to a classmate. Although it was a significant ‘first,’ I only wish I had been able to put off saying good-bye to Logan for a very, very long time.

I hear many people say that 2012 was a crappy year, and in a sense, One Direction was born, so I see where they’re coming from. But 2012 was a great year for discovering myself, new beginnings, and for learning to appreciate the little things that come from a good life and great friends.

Not to mention Gangnam Style.

Happy New Year, Wallies


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