St. Nick did well this year!

Dear blog readers,

I had an amazing time with my family. I woke up, showered, and loaded the car up with food and gifts, as we were traveling to Atlanta, GA for this year’s get-together. Every year, it shuffles between Birmingham- either mine or my grandmothers’ house,- or Atlanta, where my cousins reside. It was held in Atlanta this year for the first time in a while, so I was excited to go. I baked a Spiced Apple Bundt cake and holiday cookies, so I was feelin’ the holiday spirit. Plus, this year, everyone’s gifts came from England, where I was with my Freshman Tutorial, so I was ecstatic to see everyone’s faces.

And then I forgot about Alabama weather. The state-along with Texas- where  tornadoes rip through in December. On our way there, it rained. We ate dinner, exchanged gifts, then hurried back in order to avoid the bad weather. Did we avoid it?


We get on the interstate and the bottom just completely falls out. It’s raining sideways, horizontally, vertically, and askew. It’s a hot ghetto mess out there, not to mention the lightning and fog. A couple thousand Hail Mary’s later, and we arrive home safely.

Yes, I’m Catholic. I didn’t tell you? Hm.

I got some sweet gifts- over $250 bucks, a battery-less, cordless iPhone speaker, American Eagle Gift-Card, and UnderArmour hoodie, and Thai spices, from my grandfather.

I didn’t tell you my grandfather frequents Thailand? He speaks Thai as well. Hm.

Anyway, everyone loved the posh European gifts I gave, including a diamond bracelet, mugs, food, and teas. I even ordered my mom  a Kappa Sigma shirt from a Greek website. Win. She loved it.

I hope your Christmas was as great as mine was! Happy New Years as well!

Below the Mason-Dixon line,


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