Holiday Greetings!

Dear Wabash Reader,

Happy Holidays to all! As we begin to celebrate Christmas and New Years, I would like to extend a special holiday greeting that I made with the assistance of my brother just as my fellow Glee Club members did with President White and his wife.

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner! I can already imagine getting up tomorrow to the sound of moving feet on my roof, and the realization that once again my house is being robbed . . . just kidding. But seriously, time away from Wabash has been almost a gift in and of itself. My days are as routine as my class schedule, however, just with a lot less workload. I typically catch up with social media in the morning such as email and Facebook before doing some quick house keeping duties. Then I try to catch “Let’s Make a Deal” followed by “The Price is Right.” It is truly exciting to try to guess what is behind the curtain or who will win the next car. And of course, at 3:00 pm I have to catch Ellen DeGeneres, who I believe is the undisputed Queen of daytime television.

Watching television is a pleasant distraction before I begin the lonely task of staying in shape for track over the winter season. In a way, not having a “White Christmas” has been a huge help as I have been able to run in freezing temperatures without the added obstacle of snow drifts. It is with season’s greetings that I wish all you faithful blog readers a wonderful Christmas and it is with a sigh of relief that I am thankful the world really did not end!



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Self-proclaimed philosophist, philanthropist, and comedian. Fluent in one language. Enjoys spending time with friends and reading novels by Jane Austen.
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