Feliz Navidad!

Happy Holidays, Wallies!

We’ve been off for a week fellas! I’m sure everyone’s counting down the minutes until we’re headed back to C-Ville. RIGHT. I’m currently utilizing all of the perks of my job, and blogging from my bed at 2:30 in the morning (see picture, if you need proof). Thanks to Wabash, my sleep schedule is like Jackson Pollack’s sense of direction: all over the place, spontaneous, and unpredictable. I do seem to have fallen into a rut of slumber from 3AM until noon, so I guess I’d better get this blog done pretty quickly.

My finals went well, and I did better in my classes than I thought I would, which was a pleasant surprise for both my parents and me. Hope you all can say the same! I’ve been running my butt off at home, and I’m realizing, as I typically do at this time of year, that running without teammates SUCKS. Sure, listening to an iPod is a really helpful way of entertaining myself through a run. But there’s something about having a full team of your bros to run with that makes it a whole lot easier.

I’ve had some discussion with a few different friends about the differences coming home for such a long time brings. One idea in particular that continues to surface is the transition of friendships from high school to college. At graduation, you’re convinced that you’ll be best friends with everyone from high school until your last class reunion. And then suddenly it’s December and you realize you have about 3 solid friends that you really prioritize seeing.

And at the same time you realize the brotherhood that Wabash has become for you. As a friend from SigChi said (associating with another fraternity? How frowned upon, right?), “Wabash is such a special place.” Without my fraternity brothers, teammates, and other friends from Big Red, I find myself letting many inside jokes go unsaid, and many laughs unshared. To any of you reading this particular blog, I miss ya’ll! Although it’s great being home for the holidays, I find Wabash on my mind quite a bit. No promises on when I’ll blog next, but I promise it won’t be too long! Have a very Merry Christmas, Wabash!

Feliz Navidad,


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