Catching up!

It’s always good to see high school friends.

Dear blog readers,

Christmas break is the perfect time to relax and find some old high school friends. Such was the instance of me just getting back to the Artis homestead after hanging out with a good friend, Karlie. We had several classes together at CCHS and it was great to go out to sushi and coffee after having been away at college. She attends the University of West Florida and was initiated into their chapter of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Imagine my surprise when I see she’s wearing her ‘AXO’ stitched letter sweater, as I’m wearing my ‘KS’

Karlie and I at our Senior BBQ!

stitched letter sweater as well! We exchanged a thousand stories about Greek and College life and parted ways. We’ll definitely be hanging out with more people we knew in high school later on. Hopefully I’ll see even more good friends!


At home,



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