Christmas Break

It’s finally here!

Dear blog readers,

I’ve safely made my 8 hour, 500 mile trek back to the South. Although originally from the North, I’ve called the South home ever since the third grade. I’m originally from Buffalo, New York, and I really do miss it there. They are actually experiencing a real winter- not the faux 66 degree garbage they call December in Birmingham. There was actually a tornado that ripped up the North side of Birmingham not just last week, and my grandmothers house was damaged. Thankfully, she’s ok- you can replace shingles, but you can’t replace family. Tornado weather usually occurs in the spring, but it looks like tornado alley is up and running a little early this year. Other than the impending storms, looks like I’ll be in for a very relaxing holiday break below the Mason-Dixon line.

In Wabash Alabama,



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