Food for Thought. IT’S A PUN!

Happy Hump-Day Wallies! You’re halfway through Finals Week 2012. AKA DEATH WEEK. I am still struggling through what has become my second all-nighter in the past week. However it feels great to have three of my classes officially over with, and two days two relax before my Psych 101 final on Friday. Make sure to crack down and study this week! It’ll pay off. Some thoughts on Finals Week:

Food is extremely important this week. Even the Wabash faculty recognize the importance of a good meal this week, as shown by the incredible spread of free breakfast food at Midnight Munch last night. We have some unbelievably dedicated and caring professors here, guys, and I thought last night was REALLY REALLY COOL OF THEM. Foodwise, I’m not just talking about coffee and Monster, though. During my all-nighter, my Mocha Bianca and green Monster were extremely helpful in helping me stay awake, but when it comes down to really preparing to do well on a final, there’s an important rule you should keep in mind. My high school Psychology professor, Mr. Fred Granger (a fellow Phi Delt from good ol’ Wabash College, by the way) taught me about the way the food we eat interacts with our brain. Turns out, the order in which you eat your food, and therefore the order in which that food gets to your brain, has major effects on the way your brain acts.

It’s extremely important to eat a good breakfast before your final, so set aside time and get to bed early the night before to prepare. THIS IS IMPORTANT: EAT MEAT FIRST. Meat (or eggs) contain all of the protein in your breakfast. Protein, packed with energy, will reach your brain first, keeping your brain active, strong, and alert. If you eat a bagel, toast, or cereal before the meat, the carbohydrates will drill into your brain, which will slow down and prepare to store, not use energy, and you’ll actually feel sleepier. How’s that for some food for thought? Eat whatever you want to for breakfast! Just make sure your meats go first. Good luck with finals, Wabash!


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