Finals Week Begins

Dear Wabash Reader,

I would like to thank the class of 2016 for electing me as one of this year’s class representatives. Along with me, congratulations go to fellow blogger Carl Sonnefeld, along with Adam Alexander and Tyrone Evans. Martindale represented well as three of this year’s representatives, including me, reside there.

Dorkapalooza tourney presents intergalactic warfare

This weekend could be used as a great way to get ahead on finals, or just enjoy the festivities. I competed in the Magic Tournament held by Dorkapalooza, which provided non-stop entertainment from 12 pm to as late as 12 am if you wanted to stay. While I was able to play a little bit, I also observed different games, such as this one (right), which was very interesting. From what little I could gather, this was an intergalactic duel between Star Wars enthusiasts.

Successful Holiday Dinner hosted by the MXI

On Sunday the MXI and presented its annual Holiday Dinner in which newly inducted members gave a presentation on soul food. Although the items were catered from Allen’s Country Kitchen, the menu was created with an eye on soul food tradition. The menu included BBQ ribs, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, black-eyed peas to name a few. The MXI was absolutely packed, and the celebration was a good night of reprieve from studying.

Finals week is tough, and sometimes there is simply no way to combat the wave of sleep nausea that accompanies studying all night. So if you missed the two mile fun run at 12 am in the Athletic Center, make sure to make the faculty dinner 12 am Wednesday morning for some more festivities and fun.



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