On “The Walking Dead,” Finals Week, and Impending Christmas

Imagine a lifeless world where people stagger around, moaning every now and then, with sunken eyes, hacking coughs, and sickly pale skin. There is no laughter, only fear and anxiety, and it generally appears as if no one has bathed or washed their clothes for a very long time. Is this AMC’s “The Walking Dead?” Nope. Welcome to Finals Week at Wabash.

My trademark “Thumbs Up ‘n’ Grinnin” pose.

This past week was not even Finals Week, but rather pre-Finals week, which is even worse. Showing up to take the tests and turn in the papers next week is going to be easy. It’ll be the hours of studying and writing that are going to turn the student body here at Wabash into an army of soulless zombies. Though we (probably) won’t develop a taste for fresh blood, its guaranteed that everyone is going to have quite a few late nights here in the next few days. This week, I pulled my first true college all-nighter. This was not “I’ll lie down for an hour, then get back to work.” Oh no, this was “I’ve been awake since 7AM yesterday…and now it’s 8AM and time to get ready for class. Good thing my paper is finally done!” Thankfully, I had stocked up on plenty of Monster energy drinks, coffee and the new Ke$ha album, so I was good to go for a night.

I even encountered the adversity of a spontaneous bloody nose right in the middle of my third supporting paragraph. I looked at the blood on the table in front of me, and for a second, I thought: “Well this is just great. How can I support my analysis with examples from the text when I have blood on my face? I should just give up now.” But then I realized what blood is made up of: RED and WHITE blood cells. Platelets aside, I realized that a true Wabash man is proud to bleed red and white, so I jammed a wad of Puffs up my snozz and went right back at it. Naturally, our track workout the next day was a real piece of crap, and I turned into the Running Dead for a little bit, but that’s the price of a good paper during pre-Finals week.

I’m incredibly excited for Christmas, folks. I’ve done my best to Deck the Halls of Phi Delt, and I have Christmas music blaring from my room as often as possible. What really got me in the spirit was the Cross Country team’s annual Jingle Bell Run, in which we ran through town singing Christmas carols and yelling “Merry Christmas!” while getting honked at. We even ran through Kroger and Goodwill, and an Arby’s drive-thru. Now I just want snow, and as much as I love my fraternity and my teammates, I’m thrilled to head home in a week and spend the rest of the holiday season with my family. I don’t think anyone will blame me.

Lastly, in my spare time (HA! Right.) I’ve been watching The Walking Dead on Netflix with my pledge brothers, and I’m unquestionably hooked. We started Season 2 today, and all I want to do is watch another episode. Darn finals, though.

Stay strong Wabash!


P.S. Wabash T&F, let’s kick some butt tomorrow at UIndy!!

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