Focus on the Positives

Usually I feel guilty for not blogging.  On the contrary, I actually feel guilty for blogging right now.

With the piles of work I have on my desk towering over me, time spent typing these words is time spent not researching for a paper, revising other papers, preparing a power point, working on a take home final, or studying German.  Mrs. Gallivan is upset with my lack of blogging though, and I must disappoint her no longer!

So it seems like I’m in another stage—as all who attend Wabash can understand—where all I want to do is complain.  It’s not that I don’t have good things I could talk about, it’s just that the stressful, hectic, and negative outweigh the happy and care-free right now and we all need to whine every once in a while.

Maybe if I focus on the positive though, I’ll get in a better mood and be more efficient at doing work.


-Not a pledge any more.  (Pretty awesome.)

-Winter break coming up.  (Definitely encouraging.)

-I’m a white male in America.  (Unfair opportunity.)

-Had a good time with friends last night.

-(Sub-point: good friends.)

-Lots of cute kitten videos on YouTube.  (Adorableness on-demand.)

-I’ve made it 19 years without dying or being killed yet.  (Let’s keep this streak going.)


Maybe I don’t have as much to complain about as I thought I did.

Me and my pledge brothers, getting pumped to study. ADRENALINE!!

Now that I’m in a little bit of a better mood, it’s time to do some work!! GET PUMPED! GET PUMPED!!



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My name is Joseph Edward Weisenritter. I'm from the southside of Chicago, I have two sisters, two dogs, and two loving parents. If you asked me to describe myself I'd say "music". I like birds. Also, I like to write.
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