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Dear Wabash Reader,

Today I had the opportunity to participate in my first debate for the Parliamentary Union lead by Professor Jeffrey Drury. In attendance were over 35 students, including President White and members of the Presidential Search committee.

We took the opportunity to discuss what this college should expect in our next president, in regards to whether that person should have a school-minded or business-minded approach. The most readily expressed contradiction to this question may be, “why not have a president focused on Wabash as both a school and a business?” We sure hope that Wabash will receive such a president. But for the sake of the debate, it was important to discuss school and business approaches as mutually exclusive in order to determine which is most important.

Theta Delta Chi add their distinctive colors to the bench before the beginning of break

I was given the side of business, and I brought up the role of the Wabash College to create vocational studies and the challenges Wabash has encountered to effective administration of the Gentlemen’s Rule. On this side, I was joined by James Fritz, Brandon Dothager, while the council promoting a school-minded approach were presented by Khalil Carazo, Steven Peters, and Nick Freeman.

Today was also my last tutorial class before finals. We finished presentations and and were given end of the year awards for our accomplishments. Although I am sad I will not see the same guys in class anymore, I am proud of what we have accomplished together in the “Founding Brothers and Revolutionary Characters” tutorial taught by Professor Scott Himsel. As I reflect back on the class, I remember how our group started first by making assumptions then finding proof to back it up. With Professor Himsel, we were taught how to cite our sources, think critically, and of course, write effectively.

As the end of dead week approaches, I recall a statement by fellow Wabash peer who said you are not truly a man until you have finished finals. With that said, have a great end of dead week and prepare yourself for finals!



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