Dearly Departed Dead Week

Dear Wabash Reader,

It’s Friday and it is finally the end of a long dead week!

Christmas tree adds cheer, and candy canes, to the Sparks Center

Today is another muggy day that features students making the daily classroom rounds at Wabash, with umbrellas, jackets, and maybe a small dose of Christmas cheer. I have just finished my English and Latin classes for the day, and am ready to enjoy the weekend! From 12-1pm, and 4-7 pm the last hours of elections will take place, as class positions from class representatives to the election of a new student body president and vice president will be selected.

This week also features the publication of the December issue of the Phoenix magazine, as well as the second to last Bachelor printed before the end of the semester.

The December issue of the Pheonix

In sports, the track team will run tonight at IU. I plan to cheer them on while getting to know fellow teammates on the track team. Tomorrow wrestling will compete at North Central College Invite and basketball will play away against Wooster at 2 pm.

For my part, I plan to attend the Dorkapalooza festivities for a couple hours of the 12 hour window in which the event will take place. Needless to say, I will also be preparing for final essays and tests, so something tells me his will be a fast and busy weekend!



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