Christmas Celebration

Dear Wabash Reader,

NJared Burris examines his present from the blind gift exchange

You cannot imagine the sight we Wabash men can make when running through the streets of Crawfordsville decked in all kinds of Christmas-related garments.

The excuse is that we were spreading “Christmas cheer for all to hear.” We pranced, skipped, and hopped our way through the 6-7 mile run, traveling primarily down the sidewalks of Route 231 with the sounds of horns blaring left and right at our over-excited expostulations to “honk.” Adam Togami and Matt Avenatti were assigned the unenviable tasks of responding to each honk with a respective “HO HO HO” and “Merry Christmas.” Not only did we waltz our way through Lilly Library, but we also paid visits to the local Kroger, Good Will and Big A. It is times like these that I think I will always look back in my college experience and shake my touch of grey head with laughter.

View from above of the brass ensemble at the Christmas Festival

Good Will is the place where most of the items from our blind gift exchange were purchased. And I dare say that may be where they end up again. But without a doubt, track practice was the most fun I had all day. From the gift exchange I won for myself a brand new Yankee Candle and a bottle of lotion. My mother is probably hoping these will be the only items that I re-wrap for her Christmas gift.

Tonight at 8:00pm I tagged teamed with Clayton Randolph to see the Christmas concert. There we were greeted by the playing of woodwind instruments before the Glee Club took the stage to give their lusty performance. The Glee Club was only interrupted by the intermittent scripture readings and the playing of the Brass Ensemble.

While I enjoyed the festival, I also enjoyed the refreshments in the Sparks Center following the performances. It was a very colorful, Christmas day, and that is saying something considering there was not one snowflake on the ground.



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