To say that Greek life is important here at Wabash would be an understatement; basically everything that is social here is run by a fraternity.  At the beginning of the semester, everybody was aware of rush and how fraternities were looking for guys who they wanted to pledge their respective fraternities, but now is the time of year when those who survived are beginning to be initiated.

With that being said, I am proud to announce that I am a newly initiated brother of Kappa Sigma!  Hehyw yeeah.

Having gone through pledgeship and come out the other end a brother, I must say it feels great.  The most significant changes I’ve seen in my first few days as a brother are actually having time and being able to choose how to allocate it, and the difference in how I see the guys I’ve been living with for the past few months.

My pledge brothers and I out for a celebratory dinner. Love dese dudes.

It’s pretty ironic, however, that although I have time, that a few weeks ago I would have been spending on pledgeship, I still really don’t have any time because of preparation for finals.  This school just does not give you a break.

As for my brothers, I can’t even fully describe the way I feel towards them.  It’s like a feeling of security, belonging, and a whole bunch of camaraderie.  The closest I can get is to say that it feels like brotherhood.  Especially within my pledge class.  I frickin love those guys.

In closing, I’m glad I made it through.  If I had given up at the beginning I would have never known the extraordinary bond I now share with these guys.


Until next time,



Kappa Sig

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