Are you healthy?

Dear Wabash Reader,

Check your health, and get a free candy bar!

If my mom asked me what I learned today, I may have to say BMI. I had the distinct pleasure of discovering that at 6’1”, 175 pounds I have 10.7% body fat and a BMI of 22. If you wanted to learn your pulse, blood pressure, and a variety of other information, you could find out today in Fobes Lounge of Sparks Center. I discovered that I have fairly average percentages in many regards, and I imagine my track workout today will make sure I stay in fairly good shape.

It’s a drizzly and wet in front of Baxter Hall

The day was wet and drizzly for most of the day. Yet I still cannot imagine any serious snowing this month. This is Indiana weather at it’s best, and at its worst it will be a stormy blizzard. Because it’s dead week, I take part in activities that I would not normally do. Last night I took a late night run with tutorial classmates to Wendy’s. I was with Delta Delta (Martindale Hall) companion Quentin Watson and College Hall resident Clayton Randolph. We made quite a sight, with Quentin doing his marquee-juggling act in the toy section of Wal-Mart.

Quentin’s displaying his juggling prowess

Today marks another day of school-wide elections, and tomorrow will be the same. Voting is in the Library from 12-1pm and 6-7pm, while fraternity voting will take place at similar times at Fiji and Kappa Sigma.


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