Weekend of X-Tacy

Dear Wabash Reader,

This weekend held many grand events, including the annual X-Tacy celebration. As an associate member of the MXI, my involvement was to make Saturday a night to remember, and it was. This year, fellow Wabash freshman and MXI associate Methuselah Gee “changed” his name for the evening. Instead of calling himself by the initials of his name “MG,” he went by “MC” for the night. And he did a fantastic job as the “MC” during a night of inspiration and celebration.

Master of Ceremonies Methuselah “MC” Gee entertains crowd between Slam Poetry peformances

The spoken art of Slam Poetry featured a talented field. The skill of speaking poetry is a coordination of movement, pitch, and raw emotion. Topics were powerful and moving, from unconditional love, to overcoming gender stereotypes, to surviving on the streets of Chicago. This year’s winner of the competition walked away with a grand prize of $1,000, while all the contestants and viewers alike participated in the after-party hosted by the MXI.

Wabash beats Denison!

Also this weekend I watched Wabash basketball defeat Denison in a close fought battle against conference rivals Denison. The victory was a great team effort, and down the stretch, the contribution of two freshmen, Austin Burton with a late 3 pointer and Ross Sponsler adding two late free-throws down the stretch allowed Wabash to come away with their conference record intact at 1-0. After the game, I had the added bonus of taking a picture with Michael Haffner, Michael Miller, and a few prom goers on campus.

Me, Michael Haffner, and Michael Miller (from left) pictured with prom goers

The ladies thanked us for our presence in the picture, to which I had to reply, “Why are you thanking us? We should be thanking you!”

Today began the first day of elections, and I hope you had the opportunity to vote! I have to take the opportunity to thank fellow freshman and Boys State Governor of Mississippi, Zach Canon. Zach took the time to give me a recommendation among one of the fourteen freshmen running for Class Representative. I am happy to be at Wabash, and proud to consider myself a member of such an active and talented class! It is no wonder that thirteen other individuals will be vying for the same position!

I hope “dead week,” the week preceding finals, is a great opportunity to get ahead on rest and finals.


Fabian House

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Self-proclaimed philosophist, philanthropist, and comedian. Fluent in one language. Enjoys spending time with friends and reading novels by Jane Austen.
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