Monday Morning

Hello my friends.  It is yet another Monday here in the Crimson City. With finals approaching and the stress mounting, the heat is on.  I have officially entered my “crazy time”.  Studying, coffee, late nights, little sleep, and everything else.  Yet, I feel no fear. In fact, my body is actually getting much more relaxed.

I slept quite well last night. I woke rested this morning with enough time to eat, read, and enjoy the morning. Then I headed off to class and had an enjoyable day.  A Spanish test, a large biology review, and a religion review passed quite easily. It was fantastic.

Now I sit in my room working on my studies and listening to some great music. I am the happiest and most stressed out I’ve ever been in my life. It has been fantastic. Living on the edge is where I thrive. These next two weeks will be magnificent for me.  However, I have work to do, and studies to attend to.  We shall talk later my friends.  Take it easy. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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