Friday at Last

Good evening my friends. It has been quite a week. With finals approaching quite quickly, it seems like a whirlwind of activity. It’s a strange feeling to have to force myself to relax and take a break, but there is much to be done. However, the danger of overload does persist.

One must wonder how to strike that perfect blend of work and play. As it so happens, I believe I have achieved something quite good. We can only hope. Anyway, as for my day, it has been quite long and quite interesting. Many classes, many worksheets, many papers, and so much more were put in my path. Yet, with a smile and a crutch, I carried on.

Honestly, as much as I truly enjoy my classes, I can’t wait for the next break. I love my folks and my friends. Plus, this Christmas will be turned on its head. I get surgery for Christmas. I’m not upset though, it’s a minor thing. Two weeks, a comfy futon, some therapy, and it will all be fixed.

However, the greatest Christmas gift would be for me to do well on all my finals. Being an academic and a lover of knowledge, I can only hope to perform with the utmost strength on my finals. I think I will. I’ve been doing quite well and thriving here. It pleases me quite a lot to be here and to be doing well.

Well, I must leave my friends. I have work to do tomorrow. A most momentous day awaits me. Then, a very large week, and then the dreaded “dead week” shall come along as well. I bid you all adieu. Have a fantastic weekend. We shall talk later. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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