Living the Dream

Dear Wabash Reader,

Another day in paradise. As I passed Matt Bupp on my way to Professor Helman’s Philosophy class, I ask him what’s up, and he responds by saying “living the dream.” I had to laugh good-naturedly, because these days it seems everyone has a similar dream: finals. For finals I will be writing three papers and taking one exam. Papers are my preferred way of being assessed of what I have learned in a semester course.

It is unusual to think I will be taking completely different classes in working towards my major next semester. This is nothing like high school, where the many classes overlapped, and I was often times left taught the same subject by the same teacher. But the opportunity to learn from numerous highly educated professors is one of the many advantages of attending a small liberal arts school like Wabash.

Probably the biggest vegetable I have ingested at one time

Chapel talk was lead Kip Chase, ’03, and current National Association of Wabash Men board member. Today was a call to live our days with intention. His talk entitled “These are Days to Remember” was spot on. As a former Martindale Hall (Delta Delta) resident, he understood the life of an independent and the demands that comes with it. But it is his story he shared of a classmate’s recovery from cancer and resurgence on the basketball team is the story I will remember most. At that point in time in which his story was told, the camaraderie of Wabash College was evident as the player in this story came back to play basketball, and was roundly cheered after scoring a 15-foot basket from the left side of the court.

This week has definitely been a busy one, with little time to mess around. Okay, maybe that last comment is not quite true. But I am definitely looking forward to the weekend, and the events that will be held, as we finish our week of classes.



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