My European Adventure!

Long live the UK!

Dear blog readers,

I just got back from my Freshman Tutorial’s trip to Manchester, UK, to visit some historical places to study the Industrial Revolution. I hate flying, but you can’t really

The coolest British man you’d ever want to meet. Garath!

complain about a free transatlantic flight to Europe- it was bumpy, especially over Canada, and I was very thankful to land safely in England. After that, it was a whirlwind.

We rode the BritRail station from Manchester airport to Manchester Piccadilly station, and got straight on the bus. It was bitterly cold in Manchester, and raining, but it was gorgeous nonetheless; the buildings were sleek and modern and everyone was fashion forward- it looked like everyone was headed to a formal event. Manchester is pretty much a slower paced New York City. To spare you the boring details, like how awesome the chrome detailed shower was, (and it was pretty great), I’ll just give you the run down on my list of likes and major dislikes of my time in Europe:

Like: The chrome detailed shower with the massage setting to relax my jet lagged muscles

Dislike: How small the bathrooms are. They were all basically the size of the airplane lavatory.

Like: The airplane food. Zesty pasta sauce, delicious lasagna, bread, spreadable Laughing Cow cheese, and drinks on drinks on drinks. Apple Cranberry juice for the absolute win.

Dislike: The airplane. It was entirely to big. It was a 767 behemoth with 8 seats across and far too many flight attendants. I am a frequent flyer across many different airlines- I’ve accrued thousands of miles in my lifetime with several carriers and none of them have been as rough as the flight from UK to the States. I was terrified. In their defense, there was a major  storm system that blew in right when we left. It couldn’t be helped. But still, the lesson here is turbulence=no fun.

Like: BossyPants by Tina Fey. It’s a “daggar sharp, whip-smart, and apologetically hilarious” memoir written by the genius comedienne herself. She was a writer for SNL, acted on it a few times, and studied improv at the Second City improv troup with Amy Poehler. It’s a great book that I literally could not put down. I highly suggest it!

Dislike: The lack of paper towels. Every airplane lavatory sized bathroom had those air blowers and no paper towels. That was no fun. Also, the conversion- 1 British pound is $1.70 US Dollars.

Like: John C. and Diane Schroeder, Wabash College. The Dr. Widdows’ duo, Dr. Melissa Butler, everyone’s favorite student preceptor, Jared Valentine, and anyone else who had anything remotely to do with this trip. I had the time of my life and I couldn’t imagine having this kind of experience at any other college.

Many more pictures to follow when I sort them out!


In the United States,



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