Lasts and Firsts

Dear Wabash Reader,

I know, I know, papers and tests. That just might be what’s trending on twitter right now. As the year comes closer to an end, more and more we are hearing the “lasts” of numerous events until next year. For example, tomorrow is the last chapel convocation of the year, and tonight I will be attending the last meeting for the Wabash Christian Men. Even Alpha Phi Omega, (APO), a service devoted fraternity, will cap tonight off with the initiation of its members. It almost makes it difficult to think what there will not be any “lasts” of, and then I remember that I have just started the beginning of the track season, so lots of track practices to come!

APO members gather inside the chapel for a meeting

Speaking of Chapel Talk, this year’s last speaker is Kip Chase, ’03, who is the Human Resource Director for Global Marketing at Eli Lilly and Company and current board member of the National Association of Wabash Men. He will be giving his talk titled, “These are Days to Remember.”

But with lasts also come firsts. Tonight I attended the first call out meeting with Bradley Wise, a junior this year who is starting up a Film Club group. What better way to remember these days, as Kip might say, than by filming it? Whether we produce a short skit or musical, the production is sure to be interesting and informative. So as you take your “lasts” and “firsts” in stride, I encourage you to enjoy them as they come. And I look forward to seeing you at chapel tomorrow!



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