England Pt. III



A nice example of old and new mixed together.

We travelled a lot in England, and I cannot stress a lot enough.  Every day, it was walking, trains, busses, walking, more trains, and so on.  While this was extremely tiring, it was also a great way to get a good view of the country—at least the northern part of it.

When we first arrived in Manchester, the architecture was the first taste of scenery I got to see.  The city was beautiful: modern, urban buildings blended fluently with old, gothic architecture.

A stunning view of the English countryside from our train.

The next day after leaving Manchester, we were on a train to Leeds where we would transfer to another train headed for Shipley.  I’d spent a day in an urban, industrialized city so the natural beauty of the English countryside caught me somewhat off-guard.  The emerald moors seemed to go on forever.  In other places, tall hills and valleys tucked away quiet little towns that from the other side nobody would have even known existed.  It was nice to see so much wide-open space uninhabited by corn.

Simply gorgeous.

Another point of visual interest was waterways.  We walked along several canals on our journeys from point A to point B.  These canals were pretty significant to the point of us being in England, studying the Industrial Revolution, because goods used to be shipped up and down them.  Some were still used today, some hadn’t been used in decades, but all were beautiful and unique.

It seemed like everywhere we went there were beauties to be seen in some way or another, and we had the wonderful opportunity of seeing them in person.


From radiant, stunning Crawfordsville,


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