Dear Wabash Reader,

What a great day out yesterday morning. As I was preparing for class, my roommate Patrick points out how beautiful it is outside. This may have been the first real snow I have seen since I have been here. Signs of décor are seen not only in the snow, but outside the Chapel which has been decorated to mirror the season’s greetings. I even learned a new word today: M-swagger. A term used to describe what no one except we Martindale residents can do.

Viewing Wabash from my second-story room

I am especially cheerful tonight because of Butler and IU victories in basketball. The TV in Martindale streams ESPN2, but not ESPN1, the station needed to watch IU basketball. But where there is a problem, there is always a solution. Someone made a hookup from their laptop to the TV and just like that, the nights of no fewer than eight Martindale guys were made.

Last night’s three brightest stars

I was able to catch Jeff Beck’s Research Reworked session in which I learned all sorts of new things about Refworks, the online research site. If there is one thing that Wabash offers, and in abundance, is the ability to find numerous sources on any given topic. And I am sure with final papers due, finding reliable resources is in hot demand.

It was another great day at track practice, which featured a run on the trails following the train track out a few miles before running back. Zach Mahone makes a great running buddy, and while we ran, we got to swap some interesting running stories of our own. One of which included my running the 100 in under 10 seconds . . . just kidding.

Respectfully, (with M-Swagger)


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