When Life Gives You Lemmings

Happy Tuesday, Wallies. We only have 2 more Mondays of our first semester as freshmen! Time flies and it’s ridiculous. Today’s blog began to form in my mind during our track practice yesterday. At one point during our 5-mile run, a large group of guys crossed a road, and without even thinking about the danger of traffic, and without even a glance to the left or right, I ran right into the road with them. Though there were no cars within a dangerous distance, I thought about a comment the great Jimmy Kervan once made in a similar situation: “It’s like we’re a bunch of stupid lemmings.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the lemming: 

The lemming is a small rodent found in North America, similar to a mouse. Its diet consists mainly of seeds, grains, nuts, and small insects. The most publicity the lemming gets is for its somewhat-fabled tendency to blindly follow other lemmings wherever the pack goes, including over cliffs or into other dangerous situations. I could make a comment about the lemming’s unfailing loyalty to his band of brother lemmings, but I feel like there’s just too much credit being given there. In this sense, it is not wise nor healthy to be a lemming.

This led me to the thought of social lemmings in our society. In 2012, many of us behaved as a social lemming, diving headfirst off the cliff into a sea of cultural phenomenons. ‘Kony 2012’ stands as a rather infamous example of a large group of lemming-humans who rushed into something just because, well, everyone else did. (I did my share of retweeting.) I tend to be a musical lemming, and I’m not too ashamed. So what if the most recent MGK, T-Swift, Macklemore, and Fun. songs go from the radio right to  my iPod? Radio-listener and proud. Snapbacks and tattoos have become lemming bait, and I don’t just mean the song.

The thought of the day is: don’t get too caught up in following the blind masses. Lemmings are very cute, and an important part of their eco-system, but running off cliffs (or into roads) just because everyone else is is not a good idea. Be yourself, and never be afraid to just form your own lemming trail.

Have a good one, Wabash.

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