Waking from Thanksgiving

Dear Wabash Reader,

I fully intended to make half time of the basketball game yesterday, but as I started homework, I totally lost track of time. I was at least able to catch snippets of the game via the life feed link on the athletics page. The fact Rose-Hulman won again is just added salt to my wounds from falling short to them in soccer, but Wabash Always Fights!

Today my long, flowing locks of hair were cut. Little did I intend for my amazing powers of strength to go with it, but I feel like a changed man when I look at myself in the mirror. For the first time in a long time, I am able to feel the top of my hand when I brush my hands through my hair. Charles Ridgway, former Delta Delta resident, was kind enough to cut my hair in the hangout room on MXI’s second floor.

Charles Ridgway clips my hair, but not my smile

First day of track practice and I am already getting the idea that I will have a much better idea of where I am going in Crawfordsville. We ran through a park, around a golf course, past a construction site on a 5-mile loop back to school. The weather was just perfect for running, not too cold, but not too warm. As I say this, the snow is slowly sprinkling outside, one of the first signs that Christmas, and finals, are just around the corner.

As the week is starting to pick up, I am sure you are already feeling the stress of coping with finals preparations while shaking of the last few drowsy remnants of Thanksgiving Break. I have only one advice, hang in there. At least for another three weeks!



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