England Pt. II


Oh god, how can I put this.

I loved the way people over there talked.  For at least the first ten minutes after we first got off our plane I had a consistent grin on my face attributable entirely to the accents of the people around us.

An English friend we made.

“Allo love!”

“Cheers mate!”


Out of all the things I miss, the way they talked is probably what I miss the most.  Not only was it awesome when regular people would speak, but the children, man.  The children with their little English accents were frickin’ adorable.

One of our favorite things to do at night when we were exploring the towns was to ask girls to do their impressions of an American accent (and, by the way, most of them were bloody horrible at it).  This allowed us to try out our own impressions of them and the way they talked.  I don’t mean to toot my own English horn, but I was pretty darn good at it, if oye dew sai so meself.

Culturing ourselves with some fish and chips.

I miss referring to restrooms as “the toilet”, potato chips as “crisps”, elevators as “lifts”, garbage and garbage cans as “rubbish” and “rubbish bins” and so on.

One last quick side note: I think we should start driving on the left side of the road.  It’s cooler that way.


Still more to come,


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